Guiding Questions
What are your goals in terms of communication with colleagues and staff members?
  • What board policies do you have in place that help guide internal school communication practice?
  • How are those policies impacted by social media tools?
  • How do you encourage your teachers to keep pace with pedagogical innovation?
  • What is the current filtering practice regarding social networking tools for staff members?
  • What research/policy drives your internet filtering policy for teachers?

Constructing a Professional Learning Network

How to Build a Professional Learning Network (PLN)
Help Teachers Build a PLN (youtube video)
Nebraska's Beth Still on creating a PLN and using web 2.0 tools
Social Networking Sites for Teachers
Did You Know? Social Networking
Five Reasons Educators Should Network

Twitter Resources


Finding People to Connect with on Twitter

Twitter in Schools

Twitter Helper Apps

General Twitter Info


What is a Ning?
Educator PLN Ning
Nebraska Educator's Ning
ESU 6 Ning

Education Wikis
Great collection of resources for using wikis in the classroom
Ten Interesting Ways to use a Wiki in the Classroom
Digital Citizenship Wiki
Set up a free, no-ad K-12 Wikispace account

Chat/Video Conferencing Tools

  • New service ($10/month) to allow multiple simultaneous video connections through Skype